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Our Eco-friendly Papers

We’re certifiably friendly…and so are our papers.

Our commitment toward sustainable printing incorporates not only our environmentally responsible business and printing practices, but the products we provide to you.

Recycled paper is the end product of paper recycling. The production of recycled paper has significant environmental advantages over virgin (non-recycled) paper production, including less impact on forest resources, less air pollution, less water pollution, less water consumption, less energy consumption, and less solid waste.

“Buy recycled" programs are those that encourage or require consumers to purchase recycled products. In the case of paper, buy recycled programs are essential to increase the economy of scale for recycled paper production so that recycled paper can compete on a "level playing field" with virgin paper.

When you are considering which paper to choose, we recommend taking a holistic look at the paper in terms of its environmental footprint in the supply chain. At PrintingGreen, our House Paper selections are a tangible symbol of our commitment to sustainable principles in all facets of our business. We look at a range of paper attributes including the use of certified and recycled fiber, Post Consumer Waste, and the use of carbon neutral energy sources for manufacturing, continuous reductions in emissions, and water discharges and waste.

The following attributes are some of what we look at when we recommend our House Papers:

  • • Legally harvested wood
  • • Chain-of-custody certification
  • • Recycled fiber content
  • • Sustainable logistics
  • • Post Consumer Waste
  • • Minimized use of raw materials
  • • Water and energy conservation, and more

Paper Choices

Mohawk Uncoated Text and Cover

Mohawk Uncoated Cover has a smooth print surface which delivers crisp results.
It’s well suited for Postcards, business cards, brochures, catalogs and more.
  • • 50% - 100% Post-consumer Waste
  • • 50% - 100% Recycled Content
  • • Processed Chlorine Free
  • • 95 Brightness
  • • FSC Certified

    Reincarnation Matte Text and Cover
    Reincarnation Matte Cover has a unique and sophisticated look and feel. Its non- reflective surface delivers an elegant finish with sharp color reproduction.
    It’s well suited for Postcards, business cards, brochures, catalogs and more.
    • • 100% Recycled, 60% Post-consumer Waste
    • • Processed Chlorine Free
    • • 92 Brightness
    • • FSC Certified
    • • Ancient Forest Friendly

      Dull(Silk) Text and Cover

      Our Dull (Silk) Stock is perfect for items that rely on photographs or fine artwork. Its surface allows excellent ink holdout, smoothness and levelness; giving you outstanding results for fine detailed and color saturated images.
      It’s well suited for booklets, programs, catalogs or calendars or any item that relies on photographs or fine artwork
      • • 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
      • • FSC Certified
      • • Processed Chlorine Free (ECF)
      • • Acid Free and Archival Quality

      Gloss Text and Cover

      Our Gloss stock is a heavy-weight stock that is durable, yet well-suited for folding. Its glossy and protective finish makes a great cover for catalogs and multi-page brochures that need to withstand repeated use.
      It’s also well suited for greeting cards, rack cards and sell sheets or any other piece requiring durability.
      • • 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
      • • FSC Certified
      • • Processed Chlorine Free (ECF)
      • • Acid Free and Archival Quality
      • • 91 Brightness

      What is the difference between weights?
      Paper comes in several different basis weights which are usually determined by the end use of the printed piece. All text and cover papers are divided into basis weights. The heavier the basis weight per type of paper, the thicker and heavier the paper. Keep in mind that Text and Cover must be evaluated individually.
      Equivalent Weights in Paper
      Use the table below to compare one Text and Cover.

      • Example: A 60 lb text is equivalent to a 33 lb. cover.
      • Example: A 70 lb text is equivalent to a 39 lb cover.
      • Example: A 120 lb text is equivalent to a 65 lb cover.
      • Example: A 145 lb text is equivalent to an 80lb cover.

      About Our Suppliers

      Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. is the largest premium paper manufacturer in North America and an the industry standard for traditional uncoated printing paper. They produce some o the world’s finest printing surfaces. Mohawk is also known in the industry for its high environmental standards and sustainable practices. The mill offers sustainable paper choices certified by FSC, Green Seal, and Green-e, independent, nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental standard setting, product certification, substantiation, and public education. In addition, Mohawk is the first major manufacturing company to derive a significant amount of its electricity from renewable wind power. Visit: Mohawk Paper

      Endeavour Paper has a strong reputation in the print community including preferred supplier status with large National Account customers and is committed to meeting the strictest standards for forest, environmental and quality management. Certified by three independent, internationally recognized forest management agencies: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC – they illustrate their commitment to continually reducing their environmental footprint in measurable ways. Visit: Endeavor Paper

      Paper Recycling Terminology
      The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created in 1993 following the Rio Earth Summit to change the practice of responsible forestry worldwide. The FSC principles and criteria include conserving biological diversity, conserving old growth forests, protecting the well–being of indigenous groups, and slowing climate change.

      Post-Consumer Material (PCW) - Waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This is what you and I take to the recycling center.

      Chlorine-free paper is an environmentally preferable alternative to paper bleached with chlorine. Chlorine and its derivatives (such as chlorine dioxide)—the most common bleaching agents used by the pulp and paper industry—are quite harmful to the environment, particularly the aquatic environment.

      Request a paper sample.
      If you’d like a sample of our papers, drop us line.

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