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Eco-friendly Cards and Envelopes

Eco-friendly Card and Envelope Printing

By Winn Apple   |   Published April, 2013


We all associate with the word Greeting Card as something that gets mailed over the holidays or birthdays – but Greeting Card, Announcements and Invitations imply much more than that in relation to business and marketing.

How exactly can cards be best utilized for promoting your business or services? Let’s explore.

1. Your company, business or organization is hosting an event. Most likely you’ll post the announcement in your monthly newsletter and promote it on your website – but nothing is a personal as receiving a formal invitation or announcement card in the mail.

The recipient feels atleast slightly more intrigued by the opportunity if they’ve been extended a warm request for their attendance. A flyer posted on a community board, just won’t receive the same response.

2. New client and returning client thank you cards - Greeting Cards with a note of “Thanks for your business” has a proven and measurable impact on their return rate. Everyone wants to feel valued. Greeting cards can deliver that. But be sure to hand write these puppies. A printed message does little to evoke a sense of devotion…unless you slap a gift card in the center of your Greeting card.

Cards and Envelopes Printing



You may even include a coupon towards their next purchase. I’ve even received thank you packs with Free coffee cards redeemable at Starbucks and gift certificates for Amazon included. That is how you inspire a customer to return.

3. How about acknowledging your Employees Cards acknowledging employees is not nearly common enough. You want your business to be more profitable, consider thanking the employees who work to make that happen. Toss a few clams in the card and envelop before you seal it!

4. Are you running any big promotions? Make sure that “mailing Announcements” is on your campaign to do list. You need to let folks know you’ve got an event that they just won’t want to miss peeking over the horizon. Build it up – print and mail a sequence of Announcements. The money you put in will absolutely be recouped.

Eco-friendly Card and Envelope Printing


5. Personalized business greeting card - these are great for the holidays. Sure…they will likely get hucked in the receptacle, but I promise having your business appear on a regular basis – holidays, promotions, greeting – you’ll be the first to pop into their mind when it is time to purchase.

While you’re at it, print eco-friendly greeting cards. Selected recycled paper for your invitations and announce how eco-responsible you are by printing with a certified green printer. Add the recycled logo to your card while you’re at it. Your customers should know you love trees too!


Guess what, if you are still uncertain, drop us a line. We can help ya out.

About the Author

In addition to crafting content and blogs, Winn Apple writes short stories and novellas for middle-grade readers. You can find her short stories along with a portfolio on her site, MysticJunkyard.com or on her soon to release website, snugbuggle.com - the best darn place to find short stories for kids.


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