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Eco-friendly Rack Card Printing

Rack Card Printing

By Winn Apple   |   Published May, 2013


Rack Cards – you see them more often than you think.

Wineries, restaurants, tourist attractions – almost all have rack cards tempting us to try their goods and services.


Why are rack cards a great tool for marketing? They are the most portable of the printed marketing materials – other than a business card. Their travel size is perfect for someone visiting a city or attraction.

Loads of rack cards fill the shelves in tourist centers and convention lobbies. They are great if you are planning an event – they are the perfect hand out. Display your rack in your booth – spread them over your table for attendees to snatch and continue on their way.

Because they are hardly bigger than a postcard, you don’t want to jam them with information. Deliver your information in a concise and easy to read format.


Using bullet points and short paragraphs pull your reader in. If you use long loaded paragraphs, the reader will feel that it is too much of a commitment to read. The brain responds to pages with plenty white space.

Make your points brief but cover the basics. You won’t fit everything you’d like on this small card, but you can cover your biggest selling points. What makes you irresistible? Why are you better than the other companies pushing their services on rack cards?


Where to leave your rack cards? If you are a service oriented company, the tourist office is perfect. There is often time a fee for this service unless you are a member. It’s well worth it.

Hotels are great places to leave rack cards. Approach the concierge. If you have a service that they feel their clients will be interested in, then they are more than delighted to keep them on hand.


Team up with other businesses that have complimentary services and create a pack of rack cards to mail out or hand out at events. You’ll reach a wider audience and the recipient will appreciate the service.


If you plan to offer a promotion on your rack card, be mindful of listing dates. If you plan to use these rack cards after the date listed, you’ll want to avoid limiting the use. This included phrases like Spring Special. If you want to hand the rack cards out in the fall, this won’t work. Consider promotions for new customers. You can always offer this.


Make sure both sides of your rack card clearly state your business. Often times a rack card will be returned to the shelf with the backside facing out. If your business isn’t at the top of the card, on both sides, you will lose business.

Rack Card Printing


Don’t make your reader hunt down your contact information or work hard to figure out what you are offering. Grab them quick while you have their undivided attention. Your rack card should deliver this swiftly.


Do not skimp on printing. Rack cards may seem like throw away items, but your audience will hang on to them if you have effectively delivered your information and the printing is quality.


Quality printing and sturdy, eco-friendly paper give the impression that you care about what you are offering and so should the person holding your rack card. Recycled paper stock comes in a large variety of weight and color. Many of the recycled paper stocks carried by Certified Green Printers are FSC Certified – meaning they are Forest Friendly.


When you print with a certified green printer, ask about having the FSC certification logo listed on your eco-friendly rack card. This certification allows the organization overseeing FSC papers track all project printed on their recycled paper stock.


Printing with a green printer really does make a difference for the environment and in the impression you make upon your future clients.


Guess what, if you are still uncertain, drop us a line. We can help ya out.


About the Author

In addition to crafting content and blogs, Winn Apple writes short stories and novellas for middle-grade readers. You can find her short stories along with a portfolio on her site, or on her soon to release website, - the best darn place to find short stories for kids.


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