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Mailing Services with PrintingGreen

Printing and mailing through Printinggreen is not only efficient and cost effective, it's the greener choice.

By avoiding the transfer of your direct mailers and marketing materials to a separate mailing house vendor we reduce each job's carbon footprint. It's cheaper and a lot easier this way, and your customers get the materials quicker to boot.

Keeping the printer-to-mailbox process under one roof allows seamless distribution, handled by the same trusted folks who manage your prepress and printing needs. You can rest assured; with our secured multiple Firewalls and isolated, off-the-network computers, your mailing data list is safe and sound.

Our mail processing machines work incredible speeds, having the ability to multiple tab, seal, and address at the same time. Unless requested otherwise, we will mail your material two to three days after printing is complete.

How to Order Mailing Services

It's simple. When selecting your printing options, simply enter the number of pieces to be mailed (this number reflects the number of addresses on your mailing list). During the order placement process you will be prompted to upload your excel file.

If your Quantity ordered is greater than the number of recipients on your mailing list, the difference will be shipped directly to you.

Your mailing list:

Your mailing list should contain only the information necessary for mailing:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name (if applicable)
  • Street Address ("Address 1")
  • Apartment or Suite number ("Address 2")
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country if outside of the US

Your list isn't quite ready, but you are.

  • Go ahead and enter an estimated quantity in the 'Quantity to be Mailed' box, and finish the checkout process without uploading your mailing list. Once the list is ready send your list as an email attachment to cs@printinggreen.com.
  • Be sure to include your order number and contact information.

What is included in the mailing cost?

  • List cleansing and address validation
  • Postage
  • Insertion into envelopes (if required)
  • Printing of addresses on mail piece
  • Labor - includes setup, traying, and stamp (or indicia) application
  • Wafer seals/adhesive tabs (if required)
  • Delivery to post office

List Hygiene

List hygiene and data management is part of green marketing.

A "clean" list means less returned or undeliverable mail, less wasted paper, and a higher response rate: a win for the environment and for your bottom line.

Our CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified professional mailing software, and the NCOA (National Change Of Address ) process ensures your lists are current and acceptable to U.S. Postal Service requirements. It corrects and standardizes addresses both nationally and internationally, which increases accuracy and avoids paying for incorrectly posted mail that would otherwise never reach your customers.

Targeted Mailing List

A targeted mailing list is a type of mailing list that is directed at a certain group of people based on attributes they share, such as age, location or interests. By sending your marketing message to the right people, you will reach the people most likely to be interested and save money by avoiding those who are not. There are many on-line companies offering mailing list for purchase which allow you to define your search parameters.

USPS Regulations

When designing your mailer, you may want to adhere to the postal regulations to have the correct aspect ratio and consider cost associated with size and speed of delivery. Please refer to our USPS Regulations Page.

Green Credentials - Green printing

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Is it too much to want to have it all: outstanding quality and service, constant availability and great prices? We don't think so. We've combined all our experience and in-house resources with the power of the Internet to give you 24 hour access to pricing and ordering when you want it at the click of a mouse.