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Printing Projects

Clever Creators

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It’s exciting to see the final print project hot off the press. We get our fair share of clever and beautifully designed pieces sent our way by talented designers – we thought it would be nice to share these with you!

As a side note – we will use this opportunity to dive into a few of the terms and processes used in the production of the more complicated, interesting and just simply cool to look at printing projects.

Printing Projects


Crossovers - Print Projects that Gutter Jump
By Winn Apple   |   Published September, 2013

First up, let’s take a look at the world of crossover.

Crossover is a printing term that refers to an image that literally crosses or spans across two pages, also known as a gutter jump.

Jumping a gutter is no simple trick- it takes a real master in printing to line up complex images across a gap and produce a seamless finish. This is especially tricky if your printed piece is a perfect bound catalog or booklet. Some binding options, like saddle stitch, allow a bit more wiggle room.

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Printing Projects

Awesome Shapes

Awesome Shapes - Print Projects with Unusual Design
By Winn Apple   |   Published September, 2013

Getting creative with the shape of business cards, books and other collateral material can certainly make you stand out. We printed some amazing ones and won a few print awards to boot.

Here are a few that stood out for us and a wee bit about what it takes to make it happen.

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Printing Projects

Chicago Screw

Chicago Screw - Print Projects with Naughty Names
By Winn Apple   |   Published October, 2013

Printing has the most colorful language. Let's have some fun with a few great examples of marketing material making use of clever binding devices. That still sounds naughty!

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Printing Projects


Di-cuts- Print Projects with interesting patterns
By Winn Apple   |   Published November, 2013

Creating printing projects with a sloped edge and tricky folder pockets is a real craft. There are some clever ways to turn a simple business folder into a show stopper.

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Printing Projects

Signs and Banners

Signs- hey baby, what's yours?
By Winn Apple   |   Published December, 2013

Signs, signs, signs…what does your sign say about you, your company and your services?

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Printing Projects

Printing Tips

Tips for the Printing Novice
By Winn Apple   |   Published Feb, 2014

Printing seems as though it should be a simple process...

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Printing Projects


Books - the ins and outs of binding.
By Winn Apple   |   Published March, 2014

All bound up over books...don't be.

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How about some helpful marketing tips for printing and promoting your marketing material. We have a whole host of articles.

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