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Catalogs catch the attention of buyers in a way that computer images don't. As per marketers, catalogs have a myriad of benefits that include - driving sales, branding, brand recall, promoting products/services.


Retailers mailed out about 19 billion catalogs in 2005, according to the Direct Marketing Association.


Sadly, most of the paper used in the catalogs came from trees and not recycled sources. However, in the recent years, a new and 'greener' trend is emerging – thanks to the efforts of pioneers of green movement like Printing Green.


Here's an overview of how recycling paper is a growing trend - today most of the Fortune 500 companies use recycled paper and the good news is the new paper that's being produced in the United States follows responsible processes. Another bit of news to be happy about is that - 50 percent of the world’s paper is produced with the Forest Stewardship Council’s certification.


Why use recycled paper for your catalog?


To make catalogs a lot of paper is used. Because of the huge quantity of paper consumption, not many people who are environmentally conscious want to receive catalogs in their mailboxes. The advantage of using recycled paper for making catalogs is that it is more appealing to the eco-conscious reader. In addition, printers use vegetable based ink, making the catalog easier to recycle.


As a business owner, you don't want your organization to be viewed as environmentally unfriendly. Studies show that if consumers don’t perceive a company as green, they won’t buy the product, even if the product is environment friendly. A catalog made with recycled paper shows your commitment towards protecting the environment.


Myth- Catalogs made with recycled paper are not visually appealing.


It's time to dispel this myth. See yourself. Our catalogs- made with recycled and forest friendly paper- look great. You’ll be amazed at the quality of recycled paper! Our catalogs strike a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and environment friendliness.

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