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By Winn Apple   |   Published April, 2013


8 Pointers - A Brief Glimpse into Banner Design


Large scale advertising like billboards and banners line the highways and city streets calling out to pedestrians and traffic jammed drivers like mythical sea sirens.

There are a host of creative banners selling everything you can imagine – all trying to stay ahead of the advertising pack. What exactly is going to make your banner stand out from the others? How can your marketing banner attract the attention you need – how can your corporate banner cause your event booth to stand out from the herd amongst the hordes of attendees.

Whether you’re in the market for an indoor banner or an outdoor banner, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing your banner.

#1 – Readability: How many times have you passed a billboard and wondered why they didn’t make the print bigger? I can’t even tell what they are selling. The same goes for banners – whether indoor or outdoor banners, you must consider your audience. How far away will they be? How fast are they moving?

Your banner should include a lot of blank space and only the very necessary information. “Just the facts mam.”

#2 – Size: This goes hand in hand with the first point, but make sure you scope out the space you’d like to place your banner. Measure twice – cut once. You want your banner to fit properly into the space you intend.

#3 – Colors: If you are designing an indoor banner, you should limit your colors – two is ideal. Save your creative juice for font choice. Banners can handle big, creative fonts.

If you are designing an outdoor banner, you can get a lil more wild with the color. A colorful outdoor banner is more likely to draw the attention of someone in a hurry. They will also, most likely be viewing your banner from a distance. So, color is fine, but don’t pick some garish color like psychedelic green that screams toxic spill.


#4– Message: Pick one thing you want to say, sell or promote. Keep it simple. You don’t want to sell everything you got in one banner. Don’t cram your message. Find the simplest way to get your message across in the least amount of words and or images. Can your audience grasp your message in 3 seconds…or less? That’s all you got.

#5 – Design: Obviously, all of the aforementioned elements are part of designing your indoor or outdoor banner, but how you put them together is the actual design. Take some time to study other banners – run a google search on indoor and outdoor banners – what worked or didn’t work. Take note.

Make sure your images and textual message stand out from one another. Your banner is designed to communicate a message – make sure that it is clear. Your banner is selling your business name, corporate event, grand opening…whatever the case, make sure that the name stands out – or the date if an event.

Brochure Printing



#6 – Placement: Don’t just slap images on your banner all willy nilly. If you have an indoor banner, consider that the viewer may very well be inches away. If the bottom of your banner sits on the floor, don’t put your incredibly compelling image on the bottom. Where is the viewer’s natural line of vision? Put your most important info there. If it is an outdoor banner, well, your viewer is likely at a distance. Still, keep placement in mind.

#7 – Consult: Do yourself a favor and get an opinion. Everyone has one. It’s not difficult to find someone willing to give you theirs. “Hey buddy, can I get your opinion? What do ya think about this banner design?” As simple as that.

#8 – Images: Hmmm, stock images can often appear sterile, but you may luck out and find something really awesome. Make sure, whatever the case, that your image is atleast 300 dpi. If the resolution is not high enough, your banner will look all fuzzy. 3-D glasses won’t help.


Guess what, if you are still uncertain, drop us a line. We can help ya out.


About the Author

In addition to crafting content and blogs, Winn Apple writes short stories and novellas for middle-grade readers. You can find her short stories along with a portfolio on her site, or on her soon to release website, - the best darn place to find short stories for kids.


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