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Award Winning and Eco-friendly Booklet Printing

• Our Recycled, Forest Friendly Paper is up to 100% Recycled

• Eco-friendly Printing Every Step of the Way

• We Offer Wire-O and Saddle-Stitched (Stapled)Binding

• Any Size YOU Want. Don' See Your Size? Contact Us

We offer four high quality, environmentally friendly, FSC Certified papers to choose from. Each varies in recycled content, weight, look and feel.

Mohawk Uncoated Cover has a smooth print surface which delivers crisp results.
• 50% - 100% Post-consumer Waste & Recycled Content
• 95 Brightness

Reincarnation Matte Cover has a unique and sophisticated look and feel.
• 100% Recycled, 60% Post-consumer Waste
• 92 Brightness

Dull (Silk) Stock is perfect for items that rely on photographs or fine artwork.
• 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
• Acid Free and Archival Quality

Gloss Stock is a heavy-weight stock that is durable, yet well-suited for folding.
• 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
• Acid Free and Archival Quality
• 91 Brightness

General Specs:
• Short Runs are orders in quantities of 25 up to 150
• Standard Sizes
• Variety of Eco-Friendly Paper Choices
• Saddle-Stitched (Stapled) or Wire-O Binding
• Gloss or Lamination Option available for added durability

Size Options:

• 8.5x11 inches
• 8.5x8.5 inches
• 7x10 inches
• 6x9 inches
• 5.5x8.5 inches
• 5x5 inches

Binding Options:


Color Options:
• Full Color (CMYK) both sides
• Full Color on Front and Black on Back
• Full Color Front only

Recycled and Non-Recycled Paper, Eco-friendly Practices:
• Non-toxic water-based latex inks and soy-based inks
• Scuff-resistant, non-toxic aqueous coating
• Efficient minimal waste practices
• Chemical-free plate processing
• FSC Certified Recycled Paper

Booklet printing can get pretty creative.

It’s a great tool for promoting your business or product. It allows you to include more information than a standard brochure would allow.

Booklet is a term that can apply to almost any size multi-page piece. Some booklets are small enough to fit into your hip pocket, making them the perfect size for promotional pieces - alerting potential customers of a sale.

Other booklets are rather hefty, with page counts up to a one hundred; sometimes thought of as mini catalogs they are well suited for giving product or service overviews, and highlighting special features.

Often, a booklet offers valuable information and tips that would encourage the reader to hang on to it for later reference – or even pass the booklet on to a friend or colleague.

Booklets are less likely to be tossed out than a typical brochure – especially if it is well-designed and thought provoking. Build in value that goes beyond selling your product - deliver valuable and useful information that your reader will appreciate. This helps to establish you as a trusted source.

One clever booklets design element is to graduate the pages, creating built in tabs. The reader will appreciate the ease of indexing content they find valuable – particularly if your booklet has a higher page count and covers numerous items.

If you plan to mail your booklet, consider saddle stitched binding. It will fit smoothly into your envelop. Don’t forget to keep postage cost and USPS postal regulations in mind.

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