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Eco-friendly Business Card Printing

Eco-friendly Business Card Printing

By Winn Apple   |   Published April, 2013


What makes a “standout” business card?

A well designed eco-friendly business card is important – it is usually someone’s first impression. You want it to be professional.

There are many ways you can approach the design of your business card and much depends on your business and the service you provide.

#1 - A basic business card, in general, is hardly more than contact information presented on a cream or white card stock – eco-friendly, recycled card stock if the business cards were printed with PrintingGreen. It is all you need for a straight forward business. With a nice logo, you’ll deliver a clean, concise message.

#2 - If you are an agent or repetitive of sorts, including a photograph on your business card is helpful. Real Estate Agents generally add photos to their business card. If part of your business includes making home visits as would an exterminator or agent, adding a photo to your business card allows the customer to recall your face. It adds a level of confidence and I dare say security.

#3 - A product image – sketch or photo – isn’t a bad idea, as long as it isn’t in addition to other image elements. You don’t want a circus on your business card. But if a single product is your mainstay, then featuring it on your business card is ideal.



#4 - Unconventional materials are certainly used for business cards – wood, plastic, metal. But those can get very, very expensive and are more suited for someone in the arts and design fields. Though an auto mechanic could cleverly print on metal sheets –it is unlikely the fancy card would make a difference in the volume of business. Cleverly designed business cards do little to communicate dependable mechanic. Always keep you message and product in mind and how your potential client relates to it.

#5 - Adding promotional elements to business cards can be effective. A QR code taking your potential client to a landing page is a great idea – or a promo code attached to a giveaway - great way to gather contact information to boot, if you request an email address to enter.

#6 - Additional design elements on your business card, like di-cut, foil, embossing are all extravagant extras that can tally up, but they make for a fresh looking finish. For the right business, a high-end card is worth the investment.


Eco-friendly Printing

All of these points make little difference if your business card is poorly printed or printed on flimsy paper stock. Have you received a business card that felt like it was printed on photo paper – slim and unsubstantial? It’s like a weak handshake! Don’t do it people. Make sure you find a quality printer - even better, use a quality, certified green, eco-friendly printer like PrintingGreen. Your business card will be earth friendly and beautiful!



Guess what, if you are still uncertain, drop us a line. We can help ya out.

About the Author

In addition to crafting content and blogs, Winn Apple writes short stories and novellas for middle-grade readers. You can find her short stories along with a portfolio on her site, or on her soon to release website, - the best darn place to find short stories for kids.

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