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Label Printing Services

Eco-Friendly Labels

• 100% Post-consumer Waste & Recycled Fiber Content

• Eco-Friendly Printing

• Available in 4 standard sizes

• Don' See Your Size? Contact Us

Paper Options

Regular Label Stock has an uncoated surface.
• 100% Post-consumer Waste & Recycled Fiber Content
• 89 Brightness

High Gloss Label Stock has a coated surface.
• Non-recycled
• 90 Brightness

Matte Label Stock has a coated surface.
• 30% Post-consumer Waste

Size Options:
Available in 4 standard sizes:
• 3x5 inches
• 4x5 inches
• 4.25x5.5 inches
• 4x6 inches

Color Options:
• Full Color (CMYK) Front

IMPORTANT: If you wish to use these labels for purposes such as product labels, bumper stickers, or any usage where they will adhere to non-porous surfaces or be subjected to dramatic temperatures and/or moisture, we strongly recommend that you first request samples to test for durability.

Recycled and Non-Recycled Paper, Eco-friendly Practices:
• Non-toxic water-based latex inks and soy-based inks
• Scuff-resistant, non-toxic aqueous coating
• Efficient minimal waste practices
• Chemical-free plate processing
• FSC Certified Recycled Paper
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• Proofing Options
• File Preparation
• Mailing Services
• Postal Regulations
• Eco-friendly Paper Choices

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Fun Ways to Use Labels for Promotions

Remember when you were a kid, how excited you get over a pack of labels or stickers. You’d slap a label on your school book – which you have already covered in crate paper and doodles. The sticky backed label begged to cling to your walls, your locker, your books and likely your window.
Nothing has changed – labels are still loved by young and old - which is why they make fantastic marketing and promotional tools.
The great thing about utilizing labels as a promotional tool is they aren’t as serious as a brochure or catalog. They are fun.
Let’s look at some ways you might use labels in your own marketing efforts.
#1 - Come up with a catchy phrase and a fun image, something that will make the view smile and put it on your label. Remember, you want folks to hang onto this. Make it fun.
#2 - Make people ponder – how about putting a riddle or quote on your label. Make sure to include that the label is eco-friendly! That will add to the value of your undoubtedly clever one-liner.
#3 - Print a QR code onto your label and take your viewer to a daily updated webpage that delivers a useful bit of information…a reason for them to return each day AND keep your label.
#4 - Make a collectable series of labels that come with all of your products or services. If they are cool, well, people will hang onto your labels and remember to call you next time they are in need. What’s more fun than a message of love on a piece of fruit…or whatever you fabulous product may be.
#5 – The Willy Wonka: Print a unique promo – code on each label…but only one is the Grand Prize. Create a webpage they can enter the coded to see if they won. While you are at it, ask for their email. It’s a great way to build an email list.

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