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Eco-friendly Poster Printing

• Our Recycled, Forest Friendly Paper is up to 100% Recycled

• Eco-friendly Printing Every Step of the Way

• Mounting Available
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We offer four high quality, environmentally friendly, FSC Certified papers to choose from. Each varies in recycled content, weight, look and feel.

Gloss Poster Stock
• 50% - 100% Post-consumer Waste & Recycled Content
• 95 Brightness

Matte Poster Stock
• 100% Recycled, 60% Post-consumer Waste
• 92 Brightness

Satin Poster Stock
• 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
• 91 Brightness
Size Options:
Available in sizes up to 42" x 60"

Mounting Options:
• 3/16 inch Recycled White Foam Board
• 1/4 inch Falcon Board (ECO)
• 1/2 inch Falcon Board (ECO)

Lamination Options:
• Gloss - a higher shine finish
• Luster - a satin-like finish

Color Options:
• Full Color Front (CMYK)

Recycled and Non-Recycled Paper, Eco-friendly Practices:
• Non-toxic water-based latex inks and soy-based inks
• Scuff-resistant, non-toxic aqueous coating
• Efficient minimal waste practices
• Chemical-free plate processing
• FSC Certified Recycled Paper
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• Our Free Downloadable Templates
• Proofing Options
• File Preparation
• Mailing Services
• Postal Regulations
• Eco-friendly Paper Choices

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Why are posters effective marketing tools?

When a poster hangs in an office cubicle, or any other work or personal space, it announces to passerby that the individual who hung the poster is in some way associated with the brand.

This makes posters effective because consciously or unconsciously humans have a desire to belong to a group –to be associated with a particular line of thinking – to appear to embody the qualities or characteristics associated with a brand, a product or a company. A poster can do exactly this.

Individuals hang posters with all sorts of images and messages – high-speed motorcycles, animal protection, scientific instruments, hipsters laughing and scantily clad ladies. All of these posters are selling an image and someone wants to be part of that collective.

So, who are you and what image are you selling?

Once you can identify this, you can construct a poster that delivers this image and message. Consider who your current clientele is. Imagine what type of person buys your service or product and consider how to connect to that and put that on your poster.

Now that you have some idea of who you are speaking to, or atleast a guess, begin looking for other posters or marketing materials that speak to the same audience. Take note of the successful one. Don’t copy them; just decipher how they are delivering their image. Also note what made you take notice.

As you begin to design your poster, be sure that you consider the size you plan to print. This makes a huge difference. Wherever you intend for your poster to hang will dictate the size and layout.

Will it be in a high traffic area or someone’s cubicle? Imagine what someone in a cubicle will be interested in looking at every day. Or if high traffic, what will help your poster attract an audience as they scramble past.

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