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Sell Sheets Printing Services

Eco-friendly Sell Sheet Printing

• Our Recycled, Forest Friendly Paper is up to 100% Recycled

• Eco-friendly Printing Every Step of the Way

• Print and Mailing Services

We offer four high quality, environmentally friendly, FSC Certified papers to choose from. Each varies in recycled content, weight, look and feel.

Mohawk Uncoated Cover has a smooth print surface which delivers crisp results.
• 50% - 100% Post-consumer Waste & Recycled Content
• 95 Brightness

Reincarnation Matte Cover has a unique and sophisticated look and feel.
• 100% Recycled, 60% Post-consumer Waste
• 92 Brightness

Dull (Silk) Stock is perfect for items that rely on photographs or fine artwork.
• 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
• Acid Free and Archival Quality

Gloss Stock is a heavy-weight stock that is durable, yet well-suited for folding.
• 55% Recycled, 30% Post-consumer Waste
• Acid Free and Archival Quality
• 91 Brightness
Size Options:
Available in 3 standard sizes:
• 8.5x11 inches
• 11x17 inches
• 11x25.5 inches

Folding Options:


Color Options:
• Full Color (CMYK) both sides
• Full Color on Front and Black on Back
• Full Color Front only

• Gloss or Lamination Option available for added durability

Recycled and Non-Recycled Paper, Eco-friendly Practices:
• Non-toxic water-based latex inks and soy-based inks
• Scuff-resistant, non-toxic aqueous coating
• Efficient minimal waste practices
• Chemical-free plate processing
• FSC Certified Recycled Paper
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• Our Free Downloadable Templates
• Proofing Options
• File Preparation
• Mailing Services
• Postal Regulations
• Eco-friendly Paper Choices

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What the heck is a Sell Sheet?

Also known as a Data Sheet or a Product Sell Sheet, a Sell Sheet is a single sheet, like a flyer, generally used to introduce a new product. Unlike a flyer it is printed on more substantial paper stock.

By design, a Sell Sheet will captivate its audience with tempting images and a bullet point layout - easy to read facts about the product.

What are some of the points that should be covered on your Sell Sheet?
 • Full color pictures should be included
 • Description
 • Specifications
 • Features – including unconventional uses
• Benefits

If you are participating in a trade show or some other event, you will absolutely want to print Sell Sheets. Product Sell Sheets are perfect handouts that can effectively inform your audience. Don’t make them go to a website. Get the information to them as fast as you can.

If you are creating a media or a press kit, you’ll certainly want to include a Product Sell sheet. Not only will media contacts need to know all of the details about the product you are releasing to accurately report in their article, but retailers and distributors will need the information to make decisions on carrying your product. Your Sell Sheet should speak to both of these readers.

Watch out for using industry language in your Sell Sheet. You’ll want the layman to understand the product and its capabilities. If your audience is someone in the industry, then certainly pack the Product Sell Sheet with language that they relate to.

For optimum impact, only present a single product per sell sheet. Too many images and too much information will dilute your message. Make multiple Sell Sheets if necessary.

If you really need to present multiple products on a single Sell Sheet, highlight you main product on the front and the remaining product on the flip side.

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